Collection: Resin Chastity Cages

What are resin chastity cages

Resin chastity cages are BDSM adjustable toy wears used to cage and control your partner's sexual life. It is made of 100% natural and medically verified resin materials that makes you comfortable and enjoy control over your partner. Resin chastity cages are made of small keys with which the dominant partner locks up the other person and reigns supreme over them, determining when and whom they enjoy their sexual pleasure. 

Key features of resin chastity cages

100% resin Material

There are two kinds of resin that you will find, the petroleum based resin and the medical or natural resin. Resin chastity cages are known for being with 100% resin which gives comfort to you as the user.

Use of chastity key

Resin chastity cages have small keys with which you can lock up that cock. With this key, you determine when your partner ejaculates, and with whom he shares sexual pleasure. With this key, you can lock up his cock and let him out on an outing and be assured that he will remain locked for you until he returns.

Resin chastity cages come in varieties

Are you scared that resin chastity cages may not come in your choice color or size? Worry not, resin chastity cages come in a variety of colors such as black, pink, white and green. It also comes in different sizes to fit whatever size of cock you want to use it for. 

Durable and hygienic

Resin chastity cages are built to last for a long time and they are very easy to wash. You can wash your resin chastity cages with your washing machine. 

Benefits of resin chastity cages 

Made of quality materials

Resin chastity cages are made of 100% resin materials, which is a quality durable material and which is properly and can be worn for a long time without being harmful to the body.

Resin chastity cages are sensitive to use

One of the greatest benefits of resin chastity cages is that it softens upon usage when in contact with heat. The heat generated comes during usage and because it softens, it makes it a preferred choice for most BDSM experimenters. 

Easy to clean and use

Resin chastity cages are made into very simple shapes and have easy lock systems which guarantees chastity and gives you control over your partner. You can get your resin chastity cages cleaned by simply using a washing machine. 

Keeps you in charge 

Resin chastity cages make you totally take charge of your partner's sexual life and to determine when and with whom they have it. Just get your keys around that toy and you are totally in charge of him.

Variety of sizes and colors

Resin chastity cages exist in different sizes, shapes and colors, thus, giving you choices of what you want. There are pink, dark and white resin chastity cages and they come in different sizes. So you do not need to worry that you may not get the size of your partner's.