Collection: Novelty Chastity Cages

What are Novelty Chastity Cages?

Novelty chastity cages are sex toys for male chastity play made of soft, flexible materials like silicone. They're comfortable to wear and put on by placing a rigid ring around the testicles and fastening the cage around the penis using locking points. Novelty Chastity Cages come with a secure padlock for the dominant partner. 

The keys are kept until the submissive partner is released for pleasure. These cages have a cum-thru tip for easy bathroom use while wearing. Popular for couples exploring several sexual activities, novelty chastity cages add excitement and intimacy to sex life. 

Key Features of Novelty Chastity Cages

Here are some features of this sex toy:

Different Designs

Novelty chastity cages come in different designs, such as animal shapes, cartoon characters, or other creative shapes. These designs add fun to sexual activities and help lighten the bedroom mood.

Secure Locking Mechanism

The cage has a secure locking mechanism that ensures it holds onto the wearer's body. It won't slip off the wearer's body during sexual activity.

Easy to Clean

Novelty chastity cages are easy to clean and maintain. You can easily clean them with a damp cloth, soap, or sex toy cleaner. 

Benefits of Novelty Chastity Cages

Here are some benefits of using novelty chastity cages:

Enhances Trust

Using a novelty chastity cage can enhance the trust between partners. The dominant partner locks and unlocks the cage, which requires high trust between both partners.

Prevents Masturbation

The novelty chastity cage can prevent the wearer from engaging in self-pleasure without permission. This can help to increase sexual tension between partners and make the experience more intense.

Different Materials and Designs

Novelty chastity cages come in different materials and designs, allowing for more customization and personalization. This can help to make sexual play more enjoyable and unique for couples.