Collection: Female Chastity Belts

What are Female Chastity Belts?

Female chastity belts are restraints designed to cover a woman's genitalia, preventing sexual activity or self-stimulation. They come in various materials and can be worn inside and outside clothing.

Key Features of Female Chastity Belts

Chastity belts have a rich history dating back centuries as a form of restraint and control. Today, these devices have evolved to become a sensual and safe way for women to explore their fetishes. Here are some key features:

These Chastity Belts are Lockable

Female chastity belts have a locking mechanism, adding an element of control and submission to playtime. Great for doms and subs.

They are adjustable

Designers create these devices to fit different body types and ensure a comfortable, secure fit.


Most female chastity belts are easy to clean and maintain, making them a safe and hygienic option for long-term wear.


Users can wear these devices under clothing, enabling spontaneous and secretive play.

Why Should You Get a Female Chastity Belt?

Perfect for Sensual Play

Female chastity belts can be a fun and kinky addition to your sexual play. The restraint and control they provide can add an element of excitement and anticipation to your sex life.

BDSM and Power Exchange

Chastity belts are often used in BDSM play and power exchange relationships. They can be a powerful symbol of submission and control, adding depth and meaning to the dynamic.

Tease and Denial

A female chastity belt can be an excellent tool for those who enjoy tease and denial play. It allows the wearer to experience heightened desire and anticipation. This anticipation can lead to more intense orgasms when released.

Personal Growth

Wearing a chastity belt can be a transformative experience for some people. This helps them explore their sexuality and kinks in new and exciting ways.