What is a Chastity Belt?

Cast your mind back a few hundred years to the days of brave knights, fair maidens and sexual repression. Enter the chastity belt. A device originally intended to protect the virtue of virtuous virgins, chastity belts are now some of the most popular sex toys on the market today. Designed for both men and women, they are perfect for BDSM, experimenting with power dynamics and ramping up the sexual tension. But if you are new to this world of coitus interruptus, you probably have a few questions like “What is a chastity belt?” and “How can you use one to enhance your sex life?”

Well, fear not, chastity newbies! We will answer these questions and more in this ultimate guide to chastity belts and their uses.

Metal Cup Chastity Belt


Chastity Belts 101

A chastity belt is a piece of specialist bondage equipment that is used for BDSM, power play and sexual torture activities. They are designed to cover or lock away the genitals so that there is no possibility for sex, masturbation or any other kind of erotic stimulation. 

While historically they were often worn against the wearer’s will, these days chastity belts are key parts of a sexual contract between a sub and their dom. Essentially, the sub agrees to wear the chastity belt and hands the key or combination to their master or mistress who then has complete control over them. This is an incredibly powerful and intimate way to experiment with trust and to devote yourself entirely to your dom. 

The great thing about chastity belts is they can be worn by anybody who wants to expand their sexual horizons. There are chastity belts for both men and women and while they are most popular among couples, some single people also enjoy the sensation of wearing one in secret. 

Chastity Belt Benefits

There are so many amazing benefits to introducing a chastity belt into your bedroom activities. First of all, a chastity belt is the ultimate power tool, leaving the wearer completely at the mercy of their keyholder. This requires a huge amount of trust but it makes it easier for both partners to assume their dom-sub roles.

Chastity belts also help to heighten anticipation, leading to more pleasurable sex. We all know how satisfying that first orgasm is after a period of abstinence but wearing a chastity belt restricts all touch and feeling which can ramp the desire and excitement up to eleven! (A little Spinal Tap joke for you.) When the keyholder finally decides the wearer deserves some pleasure, they are often halfway to the point of orgasm from sheer suspense.

A chastity belt is also a great tool for teasing, torturing and punishing a naughty sub. For example, some doms instil a strict no masturbating rule on their subs. If this rule is broken, a chastity belt can be the perfect way to punish their insubordination and prevent any future breaches. 

Chastity Belt Varieties and Features

There are a huge variety of different chastity belts to choose from including simple cages that lock away your fun bits to all-singing, all-dancing pleasure and punishment machines. There are female chastity belts with integrated pussy plugs and belts specifically for men with urethral sounders. Others come with cock rings, spreader bars and complex locking systems to ensure no matter how hard you try, there is no mistake. 

One of the key features of many chastity belts is the opening or hole that allows the wearer to urinate without taking their belt off. This allows for 24/7 chastity belt wear, particularly if it is a discreet device that can be worn underneath your normal clothes. 

Safe Chastity Belt Use

It is crucial that chastity belt wearers and their keyholders set out all the rules before starting. These will usually include when the belt will be worn, when it will be taken off for cleaning, where the keys (always have more than one!) will be kept and any punishment for breaking the rules. It is also crucial that the wearer has both a safeword and safe signal and that their dom agrees to remove the belt immediately. Once these rules are in place, you are good to go!

Final Thoughts

As you can see, chastity belts are the ultimate way to ramp up the randiness in your life. While they may be intended to prevent sex altogether, a chastity belt can help you take your relationship to another level. Whether you are looking to spice up your romantic relationship or bring a new dynamic to your dom-sub play, a quality chastity belt will supercharge the anticipation and the eventual release. Just make sure you don’t lose the key (or at least have a spare handy)!