What does a Chastity Belt do?

The world of sex toys and kinky contraptions is truly without limits with every fantasy and fetish fully catered for. But what about a device that is designed to stop you from getting down and dirty? Well, that’s where a chastity belt comes in! Chastity belts have been around for centuries and while they may seem like the ultimate finger/toy/cock blocker, they are actually fantastic tools for spicing up your bedroom activities. 

But what does a chastity belt do? And who can use one?

In this ultimate guide to chastity belts, we will answer these key questions and more to teach why chastity belts are a whole lot of fun!

Steel Shut In Chastity Belt

FUNction 1: Chastity

It is no surprise given the name, but the primary function of a chastity belt is to keep you, well, chaste! For the ladies that means nobody can get inside you and for the gentlemen, it means you can’t get inside anyone else! Historically, this was a way for paranoid fathers and husbands to keep their ladies locked up but these days, there are chastity belts for both men and women. 

There are various reasons why people want to wear a chastity belt: Some do it as part of a BDSM relationship (see below), others like the kinky feeling of wearing the belt under their clothes as they go about their day and others are being punished by their dom for disobedience. 

FUNction 2: Power Play

Experimenting with power can be a lot of fun in relationships and chastity belts are one of the most effective ways to dominate and submit. By agreeing to wear a chastity belt and giving the keys to your partner or dom, you are giving them total control over your sexual satisfaction. This submission can be incredibly liberating for the chastity belt wearer while the keyholder can get off on their absolute power. 

Some couples always have one defined chastity belt wearer and one key holder. Other couples take turns assuming different roles, bringing an element of erotic revenge into chastity play (if your keyholder made you suffer, just wait til the shoe is on the other foot!) In romantic couples, it can be fun if the partner who is usually the dominant one in the relationship is the one who wears the chastity belt. This can bring a new and playful balance to the relationship and keep things ultra-spicy.

FUNction 3: BDSM

While traditional chastity belts were simply metal contraptions that imprisoned the genitals, modern belts come with a treasure chest of titillating, torturous features. As if it wasn’t enough for a poor sub to have to give up control over their sexual satisfaction, these special features mean that their dom can impose additional restrictions, discomfort or punishment at any time they like.

Most chastity belts feature adjustable straps with some kind of cage or shield which encloses or blocks access to the pleasure zones. However, some of these cages and shields come with integrated penis, anal and vaginal plugs to keep the wearer trapped both internally and externally. There are also chastity belt cages with metal spikes inside which can be tightened using external screws. These are perfect for punishing a disobedient sub or for ramping up the discomfort before the final release. 

FUNction 4: Sub Branding and Gifting

There is nothing better than ensuring your sub knows that they belong to you and chastity belts are a fantastic way to brand your consenting sex slaves. You can get their chastity belt engraved or even add a special name tag to the lock. Not only will this act as a daily reminder to your sub but many people also like to brand their subs at sex parties so everyone knows who they belong to. 

Some particularly kind masters allow their subs to choose their own chastity belt and gift it to them on their birthday or a special occasion. Not only is this a nice present, but it is also a great way to discuss boundaries, rules and what you both expect from the relationship. 

Final Thoughts

So there you go, folks! We hope we have answered all your questions about what a chastity belt does. Perhaps most crucially, this is not an exhaustive list and chastity belts are some of the most versatile and adaptable toys on the market. The best thing about them is that there are so many options available so you are sure to find a chastity belt that ticks all your boxes and tickles all your fancies! Just remember to agree on your safe word and have a spare key available at all times!