How to Choose a Chastity Belt

So you have decided that your naughty bits need locking away? Well, congratulations and welcome to the world of chastity! Chastity is a great way to build intimacy and trust, take BDSM play to another level and experiment with power in your relationships. If you are just getting started, you are likely confused (and rather turned on!) by the sheer number of chastity belts and devices available. From simple leather straps to intricate devices with all the naughty bells and whistles, there really is no end to the chastity choices available to you. 

But how do you know which one is right for you?

To help you make this important decision, here is our ultimate guide to how to choose a chastity belt.


How to Choose a Chastity Belt


Choose the Right Size

While it can be tempting to jump straight to the naughty features (don’t worry, we will get to them soon), the first thing you need to do when choosing a chastity belt is to make sure it is the right size. Some chastity belts come in a one-size-fits-all but others come in different sizes so if you want yours to be comfortable and secure, you need to measure up. Some of the most important measurements include the base ring (for chastity belts with a cage), the cage itself and the belt or strap. Many belts and straps will be adjustable but you still need to make sure that they are within your size range so you can adjust it to fit.

Decide on the Best Material

Once you are sure your chastity belt will fit you like a kinky glove, the next thing to look at is the material. You can find chastity belts in a range of materials from rubber to PVC to leather but as a general rule, the higher the quality of the material, the more comfortable and long-lasting your belt will be. Stainless steel chastity belts are a go-to for many BDSM practitioners as they are non-reactive, sturdy, and will last you years as long as you look after them. Look for a stainless steel chastity belt with silicone or leather padding and you will be assured of 24/7 comfort.

Experiment with Special Features

Right, now onto the fun stuff! While the chastity belts of antiquity may have been simple devices to prevent any rumpy-pumpy, today’s belts are multi-functional, pleasure-punishment paradises! There are chastity belts with literally every special feature you could imagine from fully secure cock cages to urethral, pussy and anal plugs to special torture screws with internal spikes. 

While some of these may sound a little intimidating, they can seriously spice up a long and frustrating sentence locked up in your chastity belt. Most importantly, these features allow for greater experimentation between dom and sub. For example, if your sub is getting a bit too big for the boots, a quick tightening of their screw spike should get them back in line. Similarly, if you are worried your sub may still be able to slip a finger into her cage, a pussy plug will ensure there is no way in that way.

Check Ratings and Reviews

Once you have decided on all the knobs and buttons, it is time to check out the ratings and reviews. This will ensure that the chastity belt you have chosen delivers on everything it says. Many chastity belt and sex toy websites allow customers to leave reviews of their products which can be a massive help. Check what previous customers say about size, the quality of the materials, prompt and secure delivery and their overall product experience. This will help you to make an informed decision.

Build a Chastity Belt Collection

If in doubt, why not splash out? Particularly if you are new to chastity play and you’re not exactly sure what you want or if you are an experienced sub looking to spice things up, building a chastity belt collection is always a great idea. Some people like to wear a simpler chastity belt day to day and switch it out for something more hardcore when it comes to playtime. Others like a serious belt at every hour of the day and night so start building your own collection and see what floats your naughty boat!

Final Thoughts

So that’s our step-by-step guide to choosing the perfect chastity belt! From the material to the size to all those naughty extras, you have a smutty smorgasbord of options available to you. Just remember that the key is always experimentation and evolution. If in doubt, start off with something a little simple and work your way up to more extreme chastity belts. That way you can become comfortable with wearing one before you start stretching your limits. Have fun and stay safe!